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UW-Madison adds new Plasma Focused ion beam and X-ray diffraction equipment

The UW-Madison shared facilities have added a new ThermoFisher Helios G4 UX Plasma Focused Ion Beam/Field emission Scanning Electron Microscope and a PANalytical Empyrean X-ray Diffraction Instrument.

These new instruments add to the already significant capability of the UW-Madison Core facilities. 

The Plasma FIB, is capable of removing ~100x more material in the same time frame as older galium focused ion beam systems.  Additionally, the FESEM on this system is capable of sub-nm resolution and sub-keV electron landing energies for low damage imaging analysis.

The Empyrean XRD system has a 2D area detector that allows for high speed, high sensitivity 2D X-ray diffraction data collection.