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Central Facility for Electron Microscopy


The electron microscope facility continues to serve the research and teaching needs of faculty and graduate students in the physical sciences.  It operates as a cost center with users from inside the university as well as access to local industry and outside universities. The facility is administered by IMNI with a faculty director (Prof. David Paine), and a full time dedicated research engineer (Anthony McCormick) who maintains the equipment and provides instruction or user assistance on an as-needed basis.  The laboratory instrumentation consists of equipment which provides five primary functions:

  • (i) Two transmission electron microscopes (JEM 2010-HREM tool and an FEI CM20-analytical tool) for chemical, structural, and crystallographic microstructure analysis,
  • (ii) Scanning Electron microscopes (LEO 1530-vp and JEM 845) for microstructural studies of surface relief and morphology and includes crystallographic (EBSD) and chemical (EDS) mapping,
  • (iii) a new FEI Helios Dual Beam FIB with an Omniprobe nanomanipulator and autoTEM sample preparation, Nabbity extended lithography package, 3-D EBSD, and accessories for high resolution lithography,
  • (iv)  Auger/ESCA system VG ESCA Lab II for surface composition, depth profile, and XPS analysis and,
  • (v) full sample preparation facilities including optical microscopes, ion mills, and plasma deposition tools. In addition, optical and atomic force microscopes are available in the facility.   Funding has been secured for the acquisition of a 200 kV Field Emitter TEM which should be ready for installation by June 2010.


  1. FEI Helios Dual Beam FIB with an Omniprobe nanomanipulator and autoTEM sample preparation
  2. JEOL JEM-2010 TEM

    The JEM 2010 is a 200 kV, high-resolution/analytical hybrid insrument, capable of .19 nm point-to-point resolution. It is equipped with an x-ray spectrometer, a parallel electron energy loss spectrometer (PEELS), a high-resolution, CCD camera system, and a high-resolution TV-rate camera. A high-temperature single-tilt holder (1300 C maximum) is used in situ experimental observations.

  3. JEOL JSM 845 SEM

    The JSM-845 has a resolution of 4.0 nm and a chamber that can accept 6'' wafers. It is equipped with an energy dispersive x-ray spectrometer for compositional analysis and an EBSP (electron backscatter pattern) system for orientation imaging. EBSP provides rapid crystallographic orientation of all grains on the surface of the specimen.

  4. LEO 1530 HRSEM

    The LEO 1530 is a high-resolution SEM equipped with a field emission source. Resolution of 1.5 nm is obtainable. This instrument has excellent capability for low-voltage imaging, which is particularly important for examining insulating materials.

  5. Phillips EM-420 TEM/STEM

    The EM-420 is a 120 kV analytical TEM, equipped with an x-ray spectrometer, and energy loss spectrometer, and a low-temperature double tilt holder. This instrument has a goniometer with a tilt range of +/- 60 degrees. This is invaluable for defect analysis and structural analysis by convergent beam diffraction.