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Electron Microscopy Cluster

The Electron Microscopy Cluster provides a variety of electron and optical microscopes for imaging small features and for microanalysis of the elemental composition of materials. The facility is operated by expert managers who have many years of combined experience in advanced microscopy.  In addition to the electron microscopes, a wide variety of sample preparation equipment and optical microscopes are also available. The CCMR facilities are run by expert staff who provide training and technical assistance. We welcome outside users from both industry and academia. 

Facility Type: 


  1. AirSEM
  2. Allied Multiprep polisher-(A&B)
  3. Cryo-S/TEM

    FEI Titan Themis Cryo-S/TEM 60-300kV

  5. FEI Strata 400 STEM FIB
  6. FEI T12 Spirit TEM STEM
  7. FEI Tecnai 12 Bio-Twin TEM
  8. Fischione 1010 Ion mill
  9. JEOL 8900 Microprobe
  10. Leica EM UC7/FC7 Cryoultramicrotome
  11. Leica Ultracut UCT Ultramicrotome
  12. LEO 1550 FESEM (Keck SEM)
  13. NION UltraSTEM 100
  14. Olympus BX51 W1F
  15. Olympus BX51 with crossed polarization
  16. Tescan Mira3 FESEM
  17. Zeiss Gemini 500 SEM