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Surface Analysis and nano-Scale Imaging in the Micron Technology Foundation, Inc. Microscopy Suite


This USTAR-funded facility includes optical, electron, X-ray and ion microscopes, along with specialized analysis techniques to study surface topography, surface chemistry and even optical and dielectric properties of materials.  The suite co-locates the MRSEC shared user facilities, the instruments of the Surface Analysis Lab, and also the Health Sciences Center (HSC) Electron Microscopy Core (EM for clinical pathology).  Professional staff support includes PhDs in engineering, physics (laser optics, electron optics), physical & analytical chemistry, and cellular biology.

The ~5,300 square foot microscopy suite is the nexus point in the multidisciplinary facility, being strategically and metaphorically placed as a bridge between the engineering / science campus, and the medical school.  Within the building, it is located between the research tower and the cleanroom. The microscopy suite is where these diverse researchers from all over campus physically bump into each other in a suite of tools designed to serve both hard and soft materials. This is where problem-solving engineers and life science researchers working on micro-and nano-scale devices meet life scientists who have ideas for quality-of-life-improving applications; but who need engineered solutions. We engineer having these people run into each other, and look for the magic that results!


  1. Atomic Force Microscope

    Bruker Dimension ICON-PT Atomic Force Microscope used for physical analysis of surface topography.

  2. Digital Comparator (Vertex 220 microVu)
  3. Imaging System, XPS

    Kratos Axis Ultra DLD surface analysis tool with X-Ray Photoelectron Microscopy and Imaging, Auger Electron Spectroscopy, Ion Scattering Spectroscopy, Depth Profiling, Electron and Ion Dispersion, and Vacuum/Gas Analysis.

  4. Ion Polishing Mill

    Argon-based Ion Polishing Mill for sample preparation.

  5. JEM 2800 analytical S/TEM with dual 100mm2 EDS detectors
  6. Microscope, BF/DF/Nomarski

    Polyvar MET optical microscope with bright-field, dark-field, and Nomarski imaging modes.

  7. Microscope, Scanning Laser Confocal Fluorescence

    Olympus FV-1000 laser scanning confocal microscope with five laser excitation sources and three detector channels.

  8. Optical Profilometer

    Zygo NewView Optical Profiler uses non-contact white light optical interference to quickly acquire 3D surface data.

  9. SEM

    Hitachi S-4800 High Resolution Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope offers ultra-high resolution.

  10. SEM with Dual Beam FIB

    FEI Helios Nanolab 650 Scanning Electron Microscope equipped with a dual Focused Ion Beam for precise in-situ cross-sections.

  11. SEM with EDAX

    Quanta 600 Scanning Electron Microscope with EDAX for compositional analysis, Electron Backscattered Diffraction, and sample holder for biological and "wet" specimens.

  12. Spectroscopic Ellipsometer

    JA Woollam Variable Angle Spectroscopic Ellipsometer used to obtain thickness and optical properties of thin film materials.

  13. Vibrating magnetometer (Microsense FCM-10)
  14. XRF Analyzer

    Eagle III Microspot EDS-based X-Ray Fluorescence for analyzing bulk composition of large samples.