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Computer Integrated Systems for Microscopy and Manipulation (CISMM)

Computer Integrated Systems for Microscopy and Manipulation (CISMM) offers custom 3D force microscopy systems; electron, fluorescence and atomic force microscopes; nanoparticle synthesis; and facilities for graphics and virtual reality display.


  1. 3DFM (3D Force Microscope)

    Designed to offer nanoNewton forces, to be capable of applying forces in every direction, to have rapid response of over 3kHz and to be compatible with high numerical aperture microscopy. These systems use magnetics to apply forces from 0 to >10 nN via linkages to magnetic beads.

  2. MHTS (Magnetic High Throughput System)

    Used to measure the rheological properties of biofluids and biomaterials, to cell mechanoresponse, drug carrier transport and magnetic drug delivery

  3. NanoManipulator

    Forces can be applied to cells, proteins, or other objects with the AFM using the nanoManiplator system and software, and the movement recorded by fluorescence.