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PECVD Cluster Tool

Instrument types

The REMRSEC's cluster tool was manufactured by MV Systems. It presently has three modular process zones, and can be expanded to have as many as seven. It can grow on substrates up to 4"x4" (nominal). It uses a robust, low temperature radiant heating design to heat the substrates up to 450 C. It is equipped with a 100 W RF power supply to generate plasma. The cluster tool is currently supplied with nitrogen, hydrogen, argon, sulfur hexafluoride, ammonia and silane. This allows it to grow Si nanowires, nanocrystalline Si, morphous Si, and SiN. Due to the pyrophoric and toxic natures of the process gases that are used in the cluster tool, its usage is restricted to trained staff and graduate students who need its growth capabilities on a long term basis.