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Renewable Energy Materials Research Science and Engineering Center

Renewable Energy Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (REMRSEC) manages major Shared Facilities - The Semiconductor Processing Laboratory, the PECVD Laboratory, the Synthesis Laboratory, Clean Room, and the Optical & Magnetic Resonance Characterization Laboratory. REMRSEC has also established close working relationships with four Associated Facilities. The Center works closely with the Colorado Fuel Cell Center, the Micro-integrated Optics for Advanced Bio-imaging and Control, the Golden Energy Computing Organization, the Electron Microscopy Laboratory, and the Atom Probe Development Laboratory. These laboratories, in conjunction with major facilities available at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), create a national resource for renewable energy research. Providing REMRSEC members, partners, and the larger research community access to shared, state-of-the-art synthesis, processing, computational, and characterization facilities for photovoltaic and opto-electronic materials, and fuel cell and ion transport membranes is central to the Center’s mission. Training users, particularly students, in the safe operation of these tools is an essential function of the Center connected to it’s educational mission. The REMRSEC Facilities Manager oversees a REMRSEC Facilities wiki website. REMRSEC has research labs in three different buildings at the Colorado School of Mines (CSM). These labs are available for use by REMRSEC projects, other CSM projects and external users. For more infomation, please visit

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