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Specimen Preparation Equipment

Instrument types
Various equipment for TEM and SEM specimen preparation, including slow-speed diamond/wire saw; ultrasonic/rotation disc cutter; dimpling grinder; metallurgical polishing wheel; ion-polishing PIPS/PIPS II; plasma nanoclean; Au/C sputter coater. Specimen preparation devices include:
  • Allied multiprep lapping and grinding machine
  • Branson ultrasonic cleaner 2200
  • Buehler Isomet slow speed saw
  • Cressington Au sputter coater
  • Cressington Carbon coater
  • Fischione ultrasonic disc cutter
  • Fischione plasma nanoclean
  • Gatan PIPS 691
  • Gatan PIPS II 695
  • Gatan dimple grinder 656
  • Intek optical microscope
  • Leica stereo microscope ZOOM 2000
  • SBT lapping and polishing machine 910
  • SBT rotation cutter 360
  • VCR Group Inc. Dimpler D500i