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FEI Quanta 600F sFEG ESEM

  • Schottky field emission gun for high resolution and excellent beam stability
  • Allows for true SE imaging of wet, insulating samples up to 4000Pa chamber pressure
  • Standard E-T SE detector, solid-state BSE detector, 2 gaseous SE detectors and a gaseous BSE detector
  • Resolution of <2nm @ 30kV in high vacuum, <2nm @ 30kV in ESEM and <3.5nm @ 3kV in Low Vacuum mode
  • Automatic, programmable stage with 6” wafer capacity
  • Integrated Oxford EDS system
  • NPGS pattern generation system for high resolution electron beam lithography (eBL)
  • High-speed beam blanking capabilities for lithography
  • Integrated beam current measurement system
  • Peltier variable temperature stage for humidity cycling experiments