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Kurt J. Lesker Co. Lab 18 Thin Film Deposition System

Instrument types
  • -Three 3” sputtering sources and one 6-pocket e-beam evaporator in the same deposition chamber
  • -RF and DC sputtering capabilities
  • -Two process gases: Argon and Oxygen
  • -Substrate cleaning with RF plasma
  • -Sample substrate heating up to 1100° C during deposition
  • -Optimized for sputter deposition of magnetic metals and/or oxides followed by coating with a precious metal (gold, platinum) using e-beam deposition -Rapid turn-around operation with a load lock
  • -Aggressive substrate cleaning and sample ion milling with a collimated Kauffman & Robinson KDC-40 ion source installed in the load lock
  • -Installed in clean room environment

The following sputter targets are available to users: ironsilicon dioxide, copper, cobalt, nickel, tin, and permalloy.

For the e-beam evaporator: aluminum, gold, germanium, nickel, magnesium oxide, silver, and platinum.