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Bruker NanoMan AFM Dimension 3000 AFM

Instrument types

The Dimension NanoMan AFM provides a variety of high resolution surface imaging and property measurement techniques, as well as the ability to manipulate or create nanoscale structures. This system incorporates the Dimension platform, the advanced NanoScope V controller and the sophisticated Hybrid XYZ scanner to create the preeminent system for high-resolution imaging, high-definition nanolithography, and direct nanoscale manipulation. NanoMan is also able to perform highly accurate force curves, nanoindenting and pulling techniques. This new state-of-the-art AFM operates in closed-loop mode in all three axes, enabling a single instrument solution for nanolithography, nanomanipulation, and imaging for material and life science applications. Equipped with a full spectrum HarmoniX package and TR TUNA cantilever holder, this system offers high-resolution, high speed imaging and conductivity measurement at pA range.