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Filmetrics Reflectometer

Spectroscopic reflectometry is used to determine the thickness and complex index of refraction (n and k) of thin films, by comparing the spectral amplitude and periodicity of light reflected at normal incidence from a thin film surface with light reflected from a known reference sample, and fitting the result to a mathematical model based upon proposed values for the parameters thickness, n and k. CMSE's reflectometer has been optimized to enhance the spectral yield in the near-IR, with a consequent spectral range from 480 to 1700 nm. The measurable film thickness range is from about 100 nm to 25 um, and the accuracy is +/-10  or 0.4 percent, whichever is larger. The reflectometer has two stages: a large-sample stage with a spot size on the order of 1 mm, and a microscope stage with a 100 um analysis spot size.

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