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Materials Analysis SEF

Analytical techniques available include Auger spectroscopy, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, atomic force microscopy, and several kinds of thermal analysis. A wide array of spectrophotometric techniques, including UV-visible-near IR spectrophotometry, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy and fluorimetry are also available.


  1. Cary 500i UV-Vis-NIR Dual-Beam Spectrophotometer

    Solid, liquids or pastes can be measured from 175nm to 1750nm. Available sampling accessories are: Absolute Specular Reflectance Accessory (7 degree incident angle), Automated Variable Angle Specular Reflectance Accessory (20 to 70 degree incident angles), Diffuse Reflectance Accessory (PTFE coated integrating sphere range 250nm to 2500nm), Praying Mantis Reflection Accessory (Diffuse reflectance of small samples, 3mm measurement area, Range of 220nm to 3300nm), and Automated Multi-Cuvette Sampling Accessory with Temperature Controller.

  2. Filmetrics Reflectometer

    Spectroscopic reflectometry is used to determine the thickness and complex index of refraction (n and k) of thin films, by comparing the spectral amplitude and periodicity of light reflected at normal incidence from a thin film surface with light reflected from a known reference sample, and fitting the result to a mathematical model based upon proposed values for the parameters thickness, n and k. CMSE's reflectometer has been optimized to enhance the spectral yield in the near-IR, with a consequent spectral range from 480 to 1700 nm.

  3. Gaertner Scientific 3 Wavelength Variable Angle Ellipsometer

    Ellipsometry is used to determine the thickness of thin films and to find the complex index of refraction (n and k) of materials, by analyzing the polarization of light reflected at an angle from a sample surface. CMSE's ellipsometer probes the sample with a single wavelength laser, with a wavelength choice of red (633 nm), blue (488 nm) or near-IR (830 nm). The analysis area is about 1 mm x 3 mm. The minimum measurable film thickness is a few angstroms with an accuracy of + or - 3 , and the maximum measurable thickness is about 10 um.

  4. Harrick Scientific PDC-32G Plasma Cleaner

    RF Plasma cleaner has a quartz sample chamber and two gas flow controller. Currently configured to flow oxygen and air. Applications include: contaminant removal, activation, prebond preparation, surface chemistry modification and polymeric grafting & coating.

  5. Kaiser Optical Hololab 5000R Raman Microscope

    This is an optical microscope with attached laser and spectrometer. 785nm and 514.5nm Excitation are available.

  6. Linkum Scientific FTIR 600 Freezing/Hot stage

    Temperature controlled microscope stage that can be used on any of the lab's microscopes (Optical, FTIR, and Raman).Temperature scanning as well as isothermal experiments can be performed. Capable of operating from (-170) C to 600 C. This stage has a sealed sample chamber that allows a vacuum to be maintained around the sample or a particular gas can be flowed through the chamber.

  7. Mettler FP900 Thermosystem Hot stage

    This is a temperature controlled microscope stage that can be used to observe the thermal behavior of a sample under a microscope. Operating temperature range from RT. to 375 Celsius.

  8. Oriel Instaspec II UV-Vis Spectrograph with Photo Diode Array Detector

    The Oriel's photodiode array permits spectral analysis of light transmitted through solid or liquid samples. Either Xenon or a quartz halogen lamp can be installed as a source. The detector has a spectral range from 180 nm to 1100 nm.

  9. Oxford Instruments Liquid Helium Cryostat

    This is a dynamic liquid helium optical cryostat with automated temperature controller. The temperature can be controlled from 1.6 to 320 Kelvin. This cryostat was purchased for use in the FTIR for transmission or emission experiments but can be used in any of the optical measurement instrumentation.

  10. Perkin Elmer Pyris 1 Differential Scanning Calorimeter

    Power Compenated Differential Scanning Calorimeter that can be used to find heat flow, melting temperature, and glass transition temperature.

  11. Physical Electronics Model 700 Scanning Auger Nanoprobe

    A scanning Auger microscope can be thought of as a scanning electron microscope with a specialized electron energy analyzer attached. Auger electron spectroscopy permits elemental and sometimes chemical analysis with high depth resolution (about 3 nm), good elemental sensitivity (1.0 to 0.1 atomic percent) and high lateral resolution (minimum 6 nm). The spatial distribution of elements on a surface can be mapped. Changes in elemental composition with depth can be documented by recording surface composition while using an ion gun to gradually remove surface layers.

  12. Physical Electronics Versaprobe II X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometer

    X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS, aka ESCA) permits elemental and chemical spectroscopic analysis of both conductive and insulating samples, with high depth resolution (10 nm or less), good elemental sensitivity (0.1 to 0.01 atomic percent), and lateral resolution down to 10 um. Changes in elemental composition with depth (to a maximum depth of about 10 nm) can be documented nondestructively by recording surface composition while varying sample tilt relative to the analyzer (this technique is called angle-resolved depth profiling).

  13. Sopra Spectroscopic Ellipsometer

    Used to characterize the optical properties of materials from 2um to 25um. The polarization and incident angles can varied depending on your sampling needs. Winnelli Data Analysis software is available for modeling the data.

  14. Tencor FLX 2320 Thin Film Stress Measurement System

    Measures the changes in the radius of curvature of a substrate caused by deposition of a stressed thin film. The change in radius of curvature can be measured over time and as a function of temperature (LN2 Temp to 500 degrees Celsius).

  15. Tencor P-16 Surface Profilometer

    Provides high precision surface metrology measurements on a wide variety of substrates using a 2um radius diamond tipped stylus Step height, Roughness or Curvature of your sample can be measured. Measurement Range: 20 Angstroms to 1mm. 2D & 3D stress measurements. Apex software is available for data analysis and reporting.

  16. Thermo Fisher Continuum Fourier Transform Infrared Microscope

    This is an FTIR microscope that is attached to the FTIR6700 bench. An FTIR spectra can be collected from spot sizes down to 20um (Typical is 100um). Data can be collected in Transmission, Reflection, Emission or Attenuated Total Reflection mode. This microscope is capable of FTIR mapping and ATR mapping.

  17. Thermo Fisher FTIR6700 Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer

    This is an FTIR bench with available detectors, beam splitters and sources to allow data collection in the near, mid and far IR. Accessories are available that allow for Transmission, Reflection or Attenuated Total Reflection (ATR) measurements.

  18. Veeco Metrology Nanoscope IV Scanned Probe Microscope Controller with Dimension 3100 SPM

    The Dimension 3100 is a large stage microscope operable in many SPM modes, with a vacuum chuck allowing mounting of full wafers for analysis. The Nanoscope IV controller, NanoMan software, and Dimension 3100's XY closed loop scanner can be used together for nanomanipulation.

  19. Veeco Metrology Nanoscope V Scanned Probe Microscope Controller with Dimension 3100 SPM, Hybrid Scanner, and Electrical Characterization Application Modules

    The Dimension 3100 is a large stage microscope operable in many SPM modes, with a vacuum chuck allowing mounting of full wafers for analysis. The Hybrid scanner is closed-loop in X, Y and Z dimensions, permitting precise positional control for nanolithography and nanomanipulation. The Nanoscope V controller permits calibration of cantilever spring constant, high resolution force measurements, and very high digital image resolution.

  20. Veeco/Digital Instruments MultiMode SPM

    The MultiMode is a small stage high-resolution microscope with vertical engage D scanner, operable in many SPM modes, for use with either the Nanoscope IIIa or the Nanoscope IV controller. Closed fluid cell and heat stages accessories are available for this microscope.

  21. Veeco/Digital Instruments Nanoscope IIIa Scanned Probe Microscope Controller with Dimension 3000 SPM

    The Dimension 3000 is a large stage microscope operable in many SPM modes, with a vacuum chuck allowing mounting of full wafers for analysis.