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Optical Profilometer-ZYGO NewView 7300; Surface Topography, Coating Thickness, Step Height, and 3D Imaging

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ZYGO NewView 7300

Optical profilometry is a rapid, nondestructive, and noncontact surface metrology technique. An optical profiler is a type of microscope in which light from a lamp is split into two paths by a beam splitter. One path directs the light onto the surface under test, the other path directs the light to a reference mirror. Reflections from the two surface are recombined and projected onto an array detector. When the path difference between the recombined beams is on the order of a few wavelengths of light or less interference can occur. This interference contains information about the surface contours of the test surface. Vertical resolution can be on the order of several angstroms while lateral resolution depends upon the objective and is typically in the range of 0.3-8 microns.