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Asylum MFP-3D-BIO

The Asylum MFP-3D-BIO is mounted on an inverted optical microscope to enable simultaneous brightfield, widefield epi-fluorescence, or phase imaging. The extended Z-head allows tapping mode and contact imaging within a range of 40µm in Z and 90µm in X and Y. It also is capable of nanomechanical property mapping, bimodal dual-AC imaging, single-molecule force extension measurements, conductive AFM, and STM. An open-access sample area and a range of environmental chambers (BioHeater, Petri Dish Holder, Heater/Cooler, and Polymer Heater) ensure compatibility for nearly any kind of sample (material, chemical, or biological) in air, fluid, or inert atmosphere. Excellent high-temperature (+300 °C) time-lapse imaging in inert atmospheres with minimal drift is a key advantage.

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