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Program Application

Karl Suss Contact Mask Aligner

Instrument types
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  • A 350 watt mercury arc lamp with smart power supply capable of operating in constant power mode or constant intensity mode. The lamp is run in constant intensity mode, whereby as the lamp ages, power is adjusted automatically to keep the intesity constant.
  • Front-side alignment is achieved using top-side microscope, mask adn wafer placed on their respective seats.
  • Back-side alignment through use of bottom viewing optics CCD cameras with image grabbing ability and a TV monitor. Image grabbing allows registration of teh bottom side feature to a virtual image of the top side caputred on teh TV monitor.
  • Six lithographic modes for exposure. They include: SOFT CONTACT, HARD CONTACT, LOW VACUUM CONTACT, VACUUM CONTACT, PROXIMITY and flood exposure programs. FLOOD EXPOSURE lithographic mode is not available on MABA6
  • 5-inch and 7-inch masks can be used in any of the aligners.
  • Three chuck sizes can be used with the aligners: piece chuck, 4-inch and 6-inch
  • Alignment can be done using one or two objectives. positional memory lock allows one to fast scan between two locations quickly.