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Electron Beam Lithography System (EBL)

Instrument types

This EBL system is composed with a Zeiss Supra 40 field-emission scanning electron microscope and a Raith pattern generator. The Zeiss Supra 40 features electron beam up to 30KeV and provides capability of reproducibly achieving feature sizes as small as 20nm. It is also integrated with an laser interferometer-controlled wafer stage, which makes it possible to accomplish stitching application and multilayer EBL with overlay accuracy better than 50nm on a wide variety of substrates. Equipment Specification:

  • Energy of electrons: 0.1 - 30 keV
  • Beam size (resolution): ~ 2.5 nm (~ 1.6 nm)
  • Minimum pattern feature size: ~ 20 nm
  • Field stitching accuracy: ~ 50 nm
  • Maximum wafer size: 50mm×50mm