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Elionix ELS-G100 Electron Beam Lithography System

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The Elionix ELS_G100 Electron Beam Lithography system is capable of running at 100kV continuously. The standard configuration also includes kV steps of 25kV, 50kV and 75kV. 6nm resolution can be achieved in a 30nm thick layer of electron beam resist. The system is configured with a laser interferometer stage. (XY laser interferometer; 0.3nm resolution) Z: 5mm (Laser height sensor; 0.1um resolution). Field Stitching precision is ≤15nm and Layer-to-Layer Overlay accuracy is <20nm for a 100µm x 100µm write field. The range of beam current is from 20pA to 100nA. The beam spot size at the typical beam current is: 1.8nm diameter at 50pA 2.3nm diameter at 1nA, and 10nm diameter at 10nA. The Elionix ELS-G100 includes a 100MHz pattern generator and electrostatic deflector. The minimum addressable pixel size is 0.1nm (100um field). Minimum dose time is 10nsec/dot, and minimum dose time step is 0.1nsec. The system is capable of holding wafers from 2” to 6” in size as well as small and odd shaped substrates.