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Probe Station

Instrument types
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Micromanipulator 6000

The probe station consists of the following components:

-Micromanipulator 6000 Probe Station
-Signatone S-302-4 Four Point Resistivity Probe Station
-Signatone S926 Micropositioners and tip holders (4)
-Keithley 4200-SCS Parametric Analyzer
-Agilent 4284A LCR Meter

The Micromanipulator 6000 Probe Station allows the user to probe small features and measure current, voltage, resistance, capacitance and conductance. The current and voltage applied to the device can be "swept" through an operator determined range and the results can be viewed and saved in a graphical format. Capacitance and conductance can be measured over a frequency range of 20Hz to 1MHz.

The Signatone four point resistivity probing system is used to make sheet resistance and resistivity measurements of substrates and thin films. It interfaces with the Keithley 4200-SCS Parametric Analyzer to perform these measurements.