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Fischione 1050 TEM thinning mill

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Fischione 1050

The Fischione 1050 mill uses two argon ion beams to thin samples to just tens of nanometers, in preparation for viewing in the transmission electron microscope. Low-voltage argon beams at glancing angles mill samples with a minimum of amorphization and staining. Liquid nitrogen cooling is available for sensitive samples. The 1050 mill is equipped with a high resolution video microscope, so that the sample can be inspected without removing it from the vacuum system. A new "Gatan style" sample fixture makes loading and unloading TEM grids very simple. This mill is for TEM samples only, and is not a general-purpose ion mill. This instrument is very useful for the final thinning of samples that have been ground and polished, or samples prepared with the FIB. The Fishione 1050 can remove gallium stains from the FIB, and finish the thinning process with less risk. 

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