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Characterization Laboratory

The GRL 231 Characterization Lab has a variety of apparatus for characterizing the optical and electronic properties of materials. These include photoluminescence spectroscopy, thermal deflection spectroscopy, electron spin resonance spectroscopy, fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and spectrophotometry. This lab is shared with the Scales Research Group, which studies terahertz spectroscopy techniques.


  1. IV16L Solar Simulator

    The simulator generates an AAA quality AM1.5 spectrum at either 100 mW/cm2 or 50 mW/cm2. It can measure the current-voltage curve on solar cells up to 6"x6" in either wafer, substrate, or superstrate configurations. It is also equipped with a low current source meter to allow accurate measurement of small solar cells down to approximately 3 mm diameter. The cell holders are all temperature controlled to allow cell efficiencies to be measured at Standard Test Conditions as well as +/- 20 ÂșC above or below room temperature.

  2. Tescan S8252G Raman - SEM/FIB

    The TESCAN S8252G is an Ultra-High Resolution Variable Pressure Schottky field emission scanning electron microscope/Ga+ focused ion beam instrument for imaging and sample milling and W, Fe, and Co deposition (GIS) capabilities.