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Physics NanoFab Facility


  1. Horiba Jobinyvon Ellipsometer

    A Horiba Jobinyvon fully automated Ellipsometer is available for graphene thickness and uniformity measurements. The Ellipsometer has a spectral range of 440nm - 850nm.  It has fully automatic optics for focusing, motorized mapping, and software for modeling thickness measurements.

  2. Raman System

    The Raman system is a 532nm confocal Horiba Jobinyvon microscope with a spectra resolution <1cm-1.  It has a spot size <1micron that allows automated mapping with 0.1micron step size over an area of 100x80mm.

  3. UHV Characterization & Growth System

    UHV Characterization & Growth System:  This system is designed for high throughput experimental sample production and characterization to study both pre- and post graphene growth processes. The system has a two-stage load-lock for rapid introduction of either single 12mm x 6 mm sample or up to four simultaneous 5mm x 4mm samples.  The system is equipped with low energy electron diffraction (LEED) and Auger electron spectroscopy (AES) for preliminary assessment of sample quality and graphene film thickness.