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Chapel Hill Analytical and Nanofabrication Laboratory (CHANL)

Chapel Hill Analytical and Nanofabrication Laboratory (CHANL) houses facilities for materials characterization and a versatile suite of instrumentation for micro and nanofabrication.


  1. DRIE (Alcatel AMS)

    Allows for a highly anisotropic etch precess used to create deep, steep sided holes in substrates

  2. Electron Beam Evaporator

    E-beam evaporation for high quality metal films

  3. ESEM

    Used to obtain secondary & backscatter electron images of materials, polymers and biological samples at relatively low pressures (upto 5 Torr).

  4. FIB (FEI Helios 600 Nanolab Dual Beam System)

    The dual electron and ion beam system allows for simultaneous SEM imaging and ion beam patterning (selective removal or addition of material).

  5. Hot Embosser (JenOptik HX03)

    Embosses a mold into a thermoplastic material at temperatures above its glass transition temperature with an applied force.

  6. Laser Ablation

    The Resonetics Rapid X250 uses a pulsed laser to ablate material according to the CAD file provided.

  7. Mask Aligner

    The mask aligner allows you to expose a photoresist through a mask to generate a pattern.

  8. Metal Sputtering

    The PVD 75 magnetron sputtering system is used for deposition of metals and metal oxides.

  9. Oxygen Plasma System

    The AutoGlow system is used for etching and cleaning surfaces or for surface activation processes.

  10. PECVD

    The PECVD system can deposit low stress silicon nitride and silicon dioxide films.

  11. PLD (PVD Products Nano-PLD-1000 Pulsed Laser Deposition System)

    Deposits uniform thin films by focusing a high power pulsed laser beam on a target of the desired composition to vaporize the target material and deposited it as a thin film on a substrate.

  12. SEM (Hitachi S-4700 Cold Cathode Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope)

    Used to obtain a three dimensional image of a sample on the nanometer to micron scale.

  13. Stylus Profiler: KLA Tencor P-6

    The P-6 Stylus profiling system provides high resolution 2D and 3D analysis of surface topography. The analysis software can calculate a variety of surface parameters including step height, surface roughness and waviness.

  14. Thin-Film Mapper: Filmetrics F50

    Used to measure thickness of dielectrics, semiconductors, and thin (~10nm) metal films.

  15. Ultramicrotome

    Used to create thin sections of a sample for SEM or TEM imaging.