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Small Molecule Synthesis Facility (SMSF)

Small Molecule Synthesis Facility provides synthetic organic chemistry capabilities including custom synthesis of linkers, monomers and initiators.

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  1. Agilent 1200 (prep HPLC)

    Liquid chromatography system used in the preparative scale (up to 5-10g) purification of polar compounds.

  2. Agilent 1200/6310

    Liquid chromatography/ion trap (electrospray ionization) used for monitoring synthetic reactions and for establishing purity of compounds.

  3. CEM Explorer

    Automated microwave reactor used to accelerate synthetic reactions. Can perform up to 32 reactions in sequence.

  4. Teledyne/Isco CombiFlash Rf (purification system)

    Automated normal phase liquid chromatography system used in the purification of mg to 100g samples.