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Nanomaterials & Thin Films

Shared facilities operated by the Nebraska Center for Materials and Nanoscience (NCMN). The Facility provides state-of-the-art instruments for fabricating material samples and devices.  The primary focus of the facility is on nanostructuring by using thin film deposition and multi-layering.  The facility has 2 thin film deposition systems which can deposit sub nanometer thick films in which 2 or more materials can be layered together in different order to form a multilayer structure.  The properties of such samples or devices will depend on the actual intrinsic property of the nanostructuring such as how the materials interact through the interfaces.  The facility also provides systems to alloy materials together to study the bulk material properties.


  1. ATC-2000F AJA Sputtering System

    The system contains 4 magnetron sputtering guns (2 DC and 2 RF) which allow in-situ tilting of their heads without breaking vacuum. This permits the user to optimize either uniformity or rate at any working distance in a very short amount of time without venting, resetting the angle, pump down and test. The system can handle substrates up to 4 inches in diameter and the substrate holder will allow simultaneous rotation, heating, RF bias and deposition at up to 850 °C in suitable sputtering environment (600 °C in a pure Oxygen environment).

  2. PVD PLD-MBE 2500 Pulsed Laser Deposition System

    The PLD system has a target manipulator that handles six 2-inch diameter targets. Targets are held in pedestals by gravity so target clamping is not required. The system will allow simultaneous rotation of target and substrate. The system allows for in situ heating up to 950 °C and RHEED measurements.