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Tecnai TF-30 300KV Field Emission Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope (FE STEM)

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This 300 KV STEM is equipped with a Field Emmison source, and equiped for cyro samples, and normal hard materials work. With an automated stage and tilt of +70 to -70 degrees it is capable of electron tomography including various software pacjages. Double tilt holder allows easy diffraction work for multiple zone axis while the samples is in the microscope. HigH resolution CCD as well as side entry fast cameras, and Gatan GIF.

Features & Accessories:

New to the UW is theTecnai TF-30 300KV TEM with high angle tomography, double-tilt and cryo holders. It has energy filter [EFTEM] and HAADF detectors in addition to a Gatan 2k x 2k ultrascan camera