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Semicore Sputter System

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The Semicore sputter chamber was donated to the REMRSEC by Zettacore. It contains three 2" sputter guns attached to the top of the chamber that sputter downward with variable tilt. The sputter guns are magnetrons with water cooling and slide-away shutters that allow the plasma to be struck and stablilized prior to film deposition. The argon sputter gas enters the chamber through ports integrated into each sputter gun "chimney," allowing the guns to have Ar flow even when the shutters are closed.

The machine has 500 W DC power supply that is connected to an Advanced Energy Sparc-le V. Samples are load locked into the deposition chamber by a magnetically coupled linear transport arm. Because substrate platen holds the samples using gravity, the surface of the complete substrate can be coated. The substrate holder can rotate at up to 20 rpm for increased film uniformity. This system sputters only at room temperature. The sputtering chamber is pumped by an Oxford Cryo-Plex 8 cryopump and pressure can be controlled in the chamber using an electronically actuated throttle valve.