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ULVAC-RIKO MILA-5000 Rapid Thermal Processor

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We have two rapid thermal processing units. For ease of reference, the unit on the left has been designated RTP1 and the unit on the right RTP2. These units have a controlled gas supply, but it should be noted that it is shared with the box diffusion furnace so both the RTP's and the box diffusion furnace cannot be run with a controlled gas flow simultaneously. RTP1 has a macor susceptor. We are experimenting with a SiC-coated graphite susceptor in RTP2. It it turns out to be stable, we have three others that will be available for use. Each RTP unit can store 16 programs. The Device Processing class (taught each spring semester) uses Programs 1-12 on each RTP unit. The remaining programs, 13-16, are available for research use.