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Glove Box

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The Synthesis Lab has a glove box system manufactured by LC Technologies. It consists of two glove boxes, one with 4 gloves and one with 2 gloves. The 4-glove box is used for wet anhydrous chemistry, and is equipped with a spin coater and freezer. The 2-glove box is used for measurements. The atmosphere in both boxes is nitrogen that is kept free of oxygen, water, and solvents by a common purification system. Both boxes have access to water- and air-free solvents (currently acetonitrile, toluene and chlorobenzene) that are purified underneath the 4-glove box, though these are generally restricted to use in the 4-glove box. There is a large load lock that allows for transfer between the two boxes (and transfer of large items into the boxes) and a small load lock on each box that allows for transfer of small items in or out of the boxes.