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Shared Materials Characterization Laboratory (SMCL)


  1. Agilent 8453 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

    Measures optical absorbance in the 190-1100 nm wavelength range. Samples are typically loaded as aqueous/organic solutions in 1cm quartz or plastic cuvettes, but other configurations are possible.

  2. Agilent SuperNova SCXRD

    A single crystal X-ray diffractometer to determine full crystal structures of organic and inorganic solids. System consists of a Mo/Cu dual micro-focus source of 50W.

  3. Bruker Dimension AFM

    This is a highly automated, multimode system for high resolution scanning of large samples. Scan areas up to 40 um are typical with in-plane resolution of 2-10 nm and height resolution < 1 nm.

  4. Cryogenic R-700X SQUID Magnetometer

    The SQUID is used for DC and AC measurements of magnetic susceptibility as a function of magnetic field values of up to 7 T, and temperature in the 3-375K range. The samples are typically in powder form of approximately 10 mg.

  5. Glove box 2D materials stacking station

    A complex of device assemble and characterization in a protective N2 dry and inert environment containing less than 10 ppm oxygen and 1 ppm water.

  6. Malvern Zetasizer Nano-ZS

    This system is measuring particle size, molecular weight, and zeta potential for organic and aqueous colloids, nanoparticles, and proteins. Dynamic light scattering (DLS) measurements are possible for samples as small as 12 uL.

  7. PANalytical XPert3 Powder XRD

    This powder diffractometer is typically used in the Bragg-Bretao geometry for Phase identification, particle size/strain analysis, preferred orientation measurements, and Rietveld refinements.

  8. Phi 5500, XPS

    This XPS system is used for thin film surface analysis of elemental composition and chemical bonding states.

  9. Renishaw inVia micro-Raman spectrometer

    In this system samples are excited by 405, 532, 633 or 785 nm lasers. Laser spot size is ~1 µm and spectral resolution is about 1 cm-1.

  10. TA Instruments Q500 TGA

    The Q500 is a research-grade thermogravimetric analyzer. The system consists of a low mass furnace with a rapid, precise temperature and rate programming.

  11. Woollam Alpha-SE Ellipsometer

    Ellipsometery measures changes in light polarization to determine a film’s thickness and optical constants.