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Professor Izabela Szlufarska

ICG Leader (Interdisciplinary Computational Group)

Establish a virtual center of UW researchers in the area of materials computations to provide an integrated platform for organic growth as well as leadership in research, education, and outreach for the UW campus, the US, and for the international community.


Research Interests

  • Mechanical behavior at the nanoscale
    • Friction, adhesion, and wear and their dependence on materials chemistry and microstructure
    • Size effects in plasticity
  • Defect behavior in semiconductors and insulators under irradiation
    • Radiation effects in nuclear ceramics by means of multiscale simulations methods
    • Point defect chemistry and diffusion in heterogeneous environments (grain boundaries, amorphous solids)
  • Solid/liquid interfaces
    • Adsorption of ions and molecules to mineral surfaces in aqueous environments
    • Theory development for understanding of surface and interfacial forces at solid/liquid interfaces
    • Origins of hydrophobic interactions as a driving force for self-assembly
  • Heteroepitaxial growth of semicodunctor thin films
  • Nucleation and kinetics of medium range order in bulk metallic glasses